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For a little more background for this post, read first.

After my pacing boxer episode on the beach there were several days leading up to the Journey. Part of my normal responsibility at the event is playing chauffeur by picking up leaders and/or participants at either Grand Rapids airport or Muskegon airport. I completely lost count how many trips I made at the beginning and end of the event, but I no longer need any GPS. The route is fully engrained in my being.

Rainbows & Receipts

On one of my many trips, rainbows appeared on the horizon as I traveled along 96 to exit 43A (or B if I was spacing out, or maybe even further down if I was singing and got really distracted). In any case, I was fascinated. Clouds, rainbows, sun, moon…anything in the sky, catches my attention. Don’t tell on me, but I took some pictures as I drove. At one point, I remember things getting a little weird, like the rainbow was starting to break apart or getting blurry, and then I realized as the colors came through my windshield that I drove through a rainbow. How weird is that? The rainbow was no longer in front of me. No pot of gold was dropped in the back of the rental car…a slight disappointment.

Just a few minutes later, I picked up a participant, and since his flight landed firmly between lunch and dinner time, we decided to get a snack at a corner gas station. I picked out a couple items and water, and looked down at the total of $7.77 (I’ve heard the number of perfection is 777, but you can tell me if I am wrong on that). So, within 30 minutes, I drove through a rainbow and got a jackpot number. Kinda strange, right?

Trust in the Lord…

All of this is just to say, I had some little hints that I might have an interesting week. Earlier that day, my friend Chris wrote this in regards to Proverbs 3:5-61: “Knowing that God’s understanding is unfathomable and that God’s love for each and every one of us is also equally unfathomable, invites our trust.” So, I was already very in touch with “paths” as I was driving that day. The immensity (is that an actual word?) of what I was carrying heading into the week likely needed a couple nudges; a wink and a nod if you will, that God hadn’t forgotten me, had a sense of humor, and reminded me there might be something big coming.

The next post will be about “going after BabyCabs” – I can apparently only handle getting a few bits of the lead up out at a time.

  1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    And lean not on your own understanding;
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    And He shall direct your paths. ↩︎

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